I worked inside the porn industry from 2007 to 2009. The Porn Industry sells you fantasies. Here at Porn in the Valley, you can learn about the realities of porn for free.

Children, teens and young women are trafficked into the Porn industry every year where they are regularly exposed to rape, violence, torture, multiple STDs, HEP C and HIV. The Porn industry uses fraudulent advertising and false promises to recruit innocent girls into their web of evil and then they use trauma bonding, force, coercion and debt bondage to break them down and keep them there.

The degradation and abuse of teen girls and women presented in porn has increased sexual violence everywhere. Experts say over 50% of sexual violence, abuse and assault go unreported so double the stats and see for yourself!


Have you actually looked into the eyes of the girls you watch in porn videos to see if they are really there by choice?? Would you want your daughter working there getting raped, tortured and abused everyday??

Inform yourself about what the porn industry is really doing to recruit our youth and addict you, the consumer, to their dangerous and addictive product. Do you know that children begin watching porn at the age of 11 and use it for sex education?? Do you want your son to treat women like that??

These are all questions you should know the answer to if you are a porn consumer.

Read for yourself and then decide . . Is your entertainment worth all the damage porn is doing to our society??


Diana Grandmason
Editor – PornintheValley.com

About Diana fka Desi Foxx

Blogger/Writer/Activist; Small Business Systems Consultant; Undergraduate in Computer Related Crime Investigations.

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