Hollywood’s Satanic Agenda . . . VERY Eye Opening!

This documentary film sheds light on the cesspool known as Hollywood for what it is: a beautiful set, teeming with biological demon life from all walks. the gloves are removed and the glamor is exposed for the spiritual filth that it represents; evil.

Hollywood’s Satanic Agenda

Also in the Hollywood Unmasked II documentary which is commonly referred to as Hollywood’s Satanic Agenda;

  • After watching a few minutes of this film it will be hard to think anything other than there being a evil satanic agenda in the entertainment industry.Hollywood
  • Denzel Washington told 60 Minutes that he got on his knees and communicated with the spirits requesting help with one of his acting roles.
  • Oprah Winfrey, and Robin Williams have admitted he becoming possessed, or requesting to be possessed during some past acting roles.
  • The antichrist, and the book of Revelation from The Holy Bible, were also covered within a reasonable context in the film.
  • The film does a great job at using historic references and biblical passages to help makes its case to the viewer.
  • Oprah stated she asks spirits to use her body as a carrier.

The TV set, or Satanic Family altar, has grown more elaborate since the early 50′s. From the tiny, fuzzy screen, to huge entertainment centers covering entire walls with several TV monitors.

What started as an innocent respite from everyday life has become, in itself, a replacement for real life for millions, a major religion of the masses.

– Anton Lavey Founder of The Church of Satan

  • Entertainment is being used to falsely unite man to build a rebellion of against God.
  • The proof of demonic involvement in Hollywood is overwhelming, and easily visible.
  • The film alleges that Satan brainwashes the public with the use of Hollywood.
  • False Unification as referred to in the film refers to World Government.
  • Anton Lavey stated that the heart of the new age movement is satanism and they play the game without using the Devil’s name.
  • Satan’s purpose is to use any available apparatus, like entertainment, to get others to live sinful lifestyles.
  • Kevin Bacon attributes his acting success to demons under the surface.
  • River Phoenix sought out demonic possession to help with his acting career.
  • Charles Manson, and the brainwashing of his followers, was covered in detail. He is said to have used continuous filming of movies, music, and drugs, for days on end.
  • Adolf Hitler said that film and movies should be used to reeducate the youth and that if it worked they would never again be free in their life.
  • The Hollywood System doesn’t operate with morals in mind, and is responsible for sex education in America.

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