ROADTRIP – A Day in the Life of a Scientology Flagship Bus Driver

We live in Clearwater, Florida, home to famous Hollywood ‘religious’ cult Scientology. Their Flagship programming center is located here. It’s where they perform some insane brainwashing techniques!

We came across one of Scientology’s Flagship buses while investigating a small plane airport in their territory. We decided to follow it to see what they do with the labor slaves they bus around our city on a daily basis.

Here is the results…


Dominating the Democrats – Intro to George Soros, Hillary Clinton & Amnesty International

Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton’s top donor and advisor, George Soros, who is also a top donor to Amnesty International. Last year, Amnesty submitted a proposal to decriminalize pimps and johns and give them a legal human right to sell and buy human beings for sex slavery.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president and George Soros is her puppet master, are you ready for your daughters’ main career choice to be working as a sex slave to the World’s elites?

Knowledge is Power. Educate yourself by learning more about this important issue mainstream media isn’t talking about!

Foxx and Foster: The Truth of Sugardating, The Luxury Companion & Whiny Pornographer Mike South

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss the truth of “Sugar” dating (sugardaddy, sugarbaby websites) & the extortion tactics many are known to utilize.

Diana and Alexandra also discuss ArrangementFinders, Kayden Kross, The Luxury Companion and whiney pornographer Michael Strother aka Mike South.

Foxx and Foster: The Playboy Mansion Purchase, Politics & HBO Promoted Game of Throne Brothels

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Daren Metropoulos and his recent purchase of the Playboy mansion, Hugh Hefner’s recent manifesto declaring “victory” over Christians and Republicans and HBO’s hypocrisy in suing PornHub in regards to the Game Of Thrones brand while Dennis Hof of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel freely advertises his “Game of Thrones” fantasy room.

Foxx and Foster: The Dangers Children Face – Pimps, Pedophiles and Porn

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss the dangers children face in the entertainment industry: Pimps, Pedophiles and Porn.

To start, Alexandra reviews the recent news in regards to Corey Feldman and his statements in regards to Michael Jackson NOT being a pedophile.

Diana and Alexandra then discuss Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, illegal sex contracts, Dennis Hof and his unethical business practices, Amnesty’s push to legalize prostitution and pimping under the guise of elements similar to the Nordic model and the fact that human beings are priceless.

Foxx and Foster: A Dave Pounder PSA, Recruiting Teens for Porn & Amnesty Protecting Pimps

Published on Jul 8, 2016

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss pornstar Dave Pounder (who is now publicly utilizing his legal name David Mech in the mainstream media) and question the true intent behind his lawsuit which targets the Palm Beach County School District. Considering the history of the porn industry consistently attempting to recruit young men and women who are of high school age, is Dave Pounder’s “legal” case really about the First Amendment or something far more sinister?

In addition, Alexandra and Diana talk about Amnesty International’s latest stance on prostitution and pimps.

Foxx and Foster – James Deen, Rape Allegations, Dead Rape Accusers & Michael Fattorosi

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss the situation of pornstar James Deen and the multitudes of women who have accused him of rape. Diana and Alexandra also talk about the recent death of pornstar Amber Rayne – the woman who had the strongest case against Deen (according to recent news reports – a coroner has determined Amber Rayne’s death to be the result of a cocaine over dose – her friend Roy Poole is who reported the death).

Diana and Alexandra conclude the website by outlining Deen’s latest move to deflect attention from himself and onto the MMA (mixed martial arts association) and by identifying one of the “masterminds” behind James Deen – his evil porn industry attorney Michael Fattorosi.

David Garrett & Charlie Sheen: 2 Extortion Victims of Organized Crime & The Luxury Companion

German celebrity violinist David Garrett and internationally known actor Charlie Sheen have more in common than you think. Both appear to be victims of blackmail and extortion schemes concocted by criminals attached to the organized crime run illegal prostitution ring The Luxury Companion.

Alexandra Mayers concludes her 3 part series which examines the truth of, motives of and key players attached to The Luxury Companion.

How many more naive male victims will have their lives ruined by the pornstar hookers Kendall Karson, Brett Rossi and Samantha Saint? Only time will tell unless the FBI steps in now to put a stop to this situation.

BREAKING IT DOWN: Was Pornstar Serenity Haze Raped on Pierre Woodman’s Porn Set?

June 3, 2016 a pornstar new to the industry, known as Serenity Haze, alleged that veteran French porn producer Pierre Woodman raped her on his California porn set.

Alexandra Mayers, formerly known as pornstar Monica Foster, addresses the situation and answers the complicated question as to whether or not the incident occurred, the issues involved and relates instances from her personal time in the industry.

Aside from the issue of rape, Alexandra takes note that in the supposedly “un-cut” footage Woodman provided to her to view, barrier protection (aka a condom) did not appear to be utilized in the scene (nor did barrier protection appear to be offered to Serenity Haze to use with both Pierre and/or his male talent and assistance Ricky Mancini).

Foxx and Foster – Politics, Womanism, Racism & Failed Feminism

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster and Diana fka Desi Foxx discuss the multitudes of sexual assault cases recently revealed within the French political system, the history of Womanism, racism within the “feminist” movement specifically targeted towards silencing the voices of Black women & the feminist oppression of Blacks within the pornographic industry,

Foxx and Foster – CNN Covers the Truth of Sex Trafficking & Porn in Mainstream Modeling

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster and Diana fka Desi Foxx discuss CNN money’s recent coverage of the the scams, debt bondage, sex trafficking and pornographic industry ties to the mainstream modeling agency.

Since mainstream Jamaican model Alexia Palmer has spoken out in regards to Trump Model Management (a modeling agency owned by Donald Trump), the mainstream media has begun to investigate the outrageous cost of being a model.

Alexandra and Diana also question the true agenda and intent behind Calvin Klein’s most recent “up skirt” themed ad campaign which features a model who is styled to look like a minor.

Foxx and Foster: Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen’s Pornstar Look-alikes & Prostitution Legalization

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss the possible legalization of prostitution in the United States of America via the Nordic Model and weigh the pros and cons.

Diana and Alexandra also point out the multitude of Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen pornstar look-alikes in today’s porn industry (many who are available to the general public via organized crime illegal prostitution rings such as The Luxury Companion, Affluent Concierge and Help U Book Her) and explain to the viewers that Game of Thrones actually encourages people to watch pornography rather than deter people from it (as mainstream media news outlets have suggested).

Foxx and Foster: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, Child Predators in the Porn Industry & Prostitution

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and her questionable choices in regards to her recent racy photoshoot with model Jenna Shea who is featured on & the Erotic review.

Foxx and Foster review the facts surrounding Farrah’s alleged rape and question whether or not Farrah has come to realize the reality of child predators in the porn industry along with the presence of illegal prostitution and escorting.

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Foxx and Foster Discuss Coco Austin Twerking with Her 4 Month Old Baby & Other Fallen Celebs

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Coco Austin’s recent sexy photo shoot where she twerked with her 4 month old baby and other Hollywood celebrities who’ve fallen from grace.

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Foxx and Foster: Marsha May, the Exploitation of Minors in Porn & the Pornstar DJ Trend

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Marsha May aka Bianca aka the Miami Porn Diva and her history of exploiting underage (minors) in pornography. Foxx and Foster also review the facts surrounding Bruno Dickemz – the male porn talent who brought Marsha’s history to light, yet seems to have no problem physically assaulting his female porn industry peers.

Foxx and Foster also discuss the trend of adult entertainers re-branding themselves as DJ’s in effort to attain mainstream acceptance and draw new recruits into the criminal pornographic industry (which is controlled by organized crime for the most part).

Desi Foxx concludes this segment by explaining in detail how many anti-porn activists feel Kim Kardashian is responsible for the underage “sexting” phenomenon.