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FMG continually adds new media to provide you with a comprehensive library on a variety of sex crime related topics. Stop by PITVOnline often to get the latest Sex Crime News and Information from all across America and all around the World.

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1/1/2012 at 12:00AM – Diana Grandmason happily announces the collaboration and merger of more than 9 Media Sources and Internet Personalities to bring GOD, TRUTH and CREATIVE ENTERTAINMENT to the WORLD.

This artistic and innovative Internet Media Mogul could not have made it to this point in her career without the love, guidance and support of God, her families and you, her faithful friends. Her ingenious efforts send a special thanks to all of you who have followed her through her tremendous journeys of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. While visiting her sites, you will see that this inspiring woman of survival has found her creative voice where she shares these incredible experiences through art for the World to absorb.

Without further ado, Ms. Grandmason presents her 9 Sites under FMG for your enjoyment and personal enlightenment. She hopes her successes in 2012 will also be your own!!

Foxx Media Group – Where “The News Meets Reality”

>God Bless You All in 2012.
I Hope You Enjoy the Ride!!


Diana Grandmason


Please feel free to visit my personal site at DianaGrandmason.com to view my biography, resume and services I offer as a small business owner. I have 15 years experience in business administration and operational compliance in the financial, legal and real estate industries. During that time, I assisted in the start up and growth of 4 independent companies and 2 corporate divisions. I truly enjoy my work as I combine my many years of knowledge gained to provide quality products and services to my clients and followers.

My first blog here at ‘Porn in the Valley‘ began in March of 2008 when I started to cover Porn Industry news . . the real news, not the fluff pieces Porn Valley sells you. Since then, I’ve added 10 more sites, including Foxx Media Group where the news and reality meet for the first time in a long time. Seems more and more these two Worlds are colliding and forcing their warped senses of reality into our homes and families lives. FMG scoops the latest news on how our hyper sexualized societies are being affected from all these angles Hollywood, Porn Valley and mainstream media are constantly throwing our way!!

I want to personally thank you so much for visiting FMGs sites and for your support of my work. I hope you will visit often to learn more about the reality of what’s happening in America today and how it affects you and yours! Be sure to check out our other FMG sites where you will find a variety of other entertaining and informative options to enjoy!



PORN IN THE VALLEYWhere What Happens in Porn Affects Us All!

I worked inside the porn industry from 2007 to 2009 so I do know the Truth. The Porn Industry sells you fantasies. Here, you can learn about the Realities of Porn for Free. Read for yourself and then decide . .

Is your entertainment worth all the damage porn is doing to our society??


318389-124106-dominique-sternFollow @MediaDomme on Twitter

Welcome to MediaDomme.com – “Where Headlines Dominate”!

At MediaDomme.com, you’ll find the Hottest Headlines and Trendiest Topics as they come alive on Social Media. Whether you follow Politics, Religion, Entertainment, Sports or Business news, you never know what Headline will become the Media Domme’s newest victim!

Media Domme hits her targets hard, calling out the worst offenders, asking the toughest questions and speaking the unspeakable about the Top Headlines of Today. She uses her wicked way with words to whip them into shape or they will be banished forever to the Media Domme’s deep, dark dungeons of The Hell of Fame.

Who will become the Media Domme’s newest victim? Who will she burn at the stake next? What happens to those minions who end up in the Media Domme’s dungeon of Hell?

You MUST follow @MediaDomme to find out more. The Media Domme commands your presence TODAY.

Welcome toAMERICAN SATANISM, a site dedicated to exposing the public to who and what are affecting our FREEDOMS in America and trying to keep God out of the public eye. They are affecting EVERYTHING our children are exposed to and they are using their influences to corrupt the SOULS of EVERYONE they can.

Even if you don’t believe in God and Satan, no one can deny there’s both Good and Evil in our World. Don’t you want a World filled with a lot more Good and a whole lot less Evil??


MOMS AGAINST MEDIA is a resource library of the influential people, companies and leaders who create and distribute highly sexualized ads, articles, videos and opinions to be useful and educational. My goal in gathering them for your use is to help everyone make more educated decisions about the entertainment and products they allow in their homes and around their families.

If you agree and want to protect our children and families, share this BLOG, follow me at @MomAgainstMedia and send an email or make a phone call to the contacts I’ve conveniently listed for your use in the sidebar. We have a voice. Use it and be heard!!



Follow @SnarkStrike

SNARKSTRIKE.COM: You did WHAT? Really? Unbelievable! You know I’m gonna talk about it. You ready? Ready, Set, Here Goes. Snark Strike!



I’d rather be Bossy than Lame like ‘I have leadership skills’ campaign. Never be afraid to Stand up & Speak Your Mind. God gave You that Voice!

Check out PORN PIMPING POLITICS where the objective is to expose politicians, judges and other government leaders who promote pornography, prostitution and pimping through their decisions and actions as a leader in America. You know, those who choose to cheat with prostitutes and escorts, get caught in sex scandals and others who show, by their actions, that they are not promoting and advocating family values and equality and respect for women and children.

If you’re unsure about whether pornography is something that you should worry about, check out FMG’s pornography resource site at ‘Porn in the Valley‘. See for yourself how there is sex trafficking, labor abuses, torture, drugs and exploitation in the porn industry. Porn Valley sells you fantasies. At ‘Porn in the Valley‘, you can learn about the realities of porn for free!!


At I AUDIT ALL”, we strive to create a comprehensive list of the Worst Offenders in America who are promoting BAD BEHAVIOR that hurts ALL CITIZENS of the United States and around the World. There’s no doubt that MANY people in influential positions TODAY are PIMPING AGENDAS that are against our basic Civil Rights and the very Humanity of Our People.

These Decision Makers have been pushing an agenda to hypersexualize OUR CHILDREN so they can PIMP and RAPE THEM. We are done with the destruction of OUR CHILDREN’S INNOCENCE and OUR COUNTRY’S VERY FOUNDATION so we are doing something about it!


Welcome to “‘THE WORLD COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION“, where we work to give victims of sexual violence, abuse and assault a voice and hope for justice. It’s time to expose the injustices happening around our World today. We need to be educated about issues that are affecting our civil and human rights. It’s time to take a stand and say “No More Rape Culture”.

The People of the World are speaking out against these atrocities against humanity more and more. Our voices are getting louder and stronger every day. Will you join the movement to stop the ‘Rape Culture’ and protect women, children and men from sexual abuse and violence? As The People, we have consumer buying power and political voting power. The time to use them is NOW!!

Knowledge is Power. Empower Yourself TODAY!!


Are you pondering your future? Do you need to make a change? Do you have a difficult decision to make? If so, you’re in the right place. “Dear Desi Divine” is a free advice column where you can get answers to all your toughest questions from someone who knows how to help.

Also available at a nominal charge are “Dear Desi Divine Live Chat” and “Dear Desi Divine Advice Line” for immediate assistance when those important questions just can’t wait.

FOXXY TALES is about all kinds of crazy things that always seem to happen in my life. If you’ve followed me before, you know my life is made up of many ”If it can happen, it will happen to me” lol. With a little bit of fiction and a lot of facts, I hope you find the daily antics of Foxxy Tales to be both entertaining and thought provoking.


CALL ME SUNSHINE, my motivational site where you can come everyday and be inspired to have a more positive day. Motivational, self improvement and inspirational meditation and thoughts. With all the crazy things in life, we all need a place to come and relax, smile and let our thoughts wonder. Here, I hope to shine a little sunlight on your day.



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