Cocaine and Prostitutes Around Every Corner – Actor Jack Gleeson Dissects Celebrity Worship

Awesome lecture on the phenomenon of celebrity worship in our culture today. It’s an critical issue affecting our youth in cultures around the World. I applaud this young man for his efforts even if I do detest his porn riddled show.

The first step to not only bringing awareness to these issues but to also begin repairing young people’s concepts of what is really important in life is for the entertainment industry to speak out about what’s real and what’s not in their own lives. Maybe if more actors took the time to educate themselves and then in turn, worked to educate others instead of working to corrupt them, they’d find they need to make changes at home (in their industry and in their lives) if they want their fans to change and respect their boundaries (It’s your own industry that destroys those boundaries).

It’s Hollywood and media together that feeds, festers and fosters Celebrity overindulgence and Fan obsession. It’s time for some social responsibility for all of society!

Found on Upworthy

Ashton Kutcher – I had to add your acceptance speech to all those kids and give you a huge KUDOs for what you said to them all. Two actors in one week making sense and enlightening youth. See, God does answer prayers 😉

Again, all you actors out there, if you take these words and actions to heart, you’d do much better by ALL those kids every single time you picked up a script!

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