NATALIE GRANT: “IN PLAIN SIGHT” Film to Document U.S. Sex Trafficking and Real-World Solutions

FCPA BLOG By David Trotter | Friday, September 20, 2013 at 12:02AM



Most Americans are shocked when they hear about sex trafficking in our nation.

I have personally witnessed it in the red-light districts of India and at karaoke bars in China, but I too was shocked to learn how much sex trafficking is happening in the United States. Once I became aware of the brutality that women and children experience to line the pockets of their pimps, I knew I couldn’t be a silent witness.

I had recently produced a documentary on the orphan crisis in India. So I knew I could pull together a passionate team to bring this issue to the attention of the average American. And I knew it couldn’t be another statistic-laden film driven by talking-head experts.

After approaching Abolition International and its founder, Natalie Grant, we developed the idea for a three-part campaign to help stop sex trafficking in the United States. Set to release in bookstores and online in 2014 by Word Entertainment, the IN PLAIN SIGHT campaign will include a documentary, compilation music album, and 31-day study guide.

For the documentary, we’ll travel to five U.S. cities (they may not be the first cities you think of when it comes to sex trafficking). We plan to document five unsuspecting families as they go about their everyday lives, and as they open their eyes to what’s happening “in plain sight” right down the street from them. As the viewer connects with a family, we hope they’ll also have an “ah-ha” moment about what may be happening in their own city as well.

Frankly, most sex-trafficking documentaries are completely depressing. But we’re committed to making IN PLAIN SIGHT an inspiring film. In order to do so, we’ll be profiling the work of five different aftercare homes (one in each city) by sharing stories of freedom and hope that are rising out of the darkness of sexual slavery. Each one of those non-profits happen to be part of the Abolition International Shelter Association.

We want viewers to be motivated by real solutions that are now emerging. People are experiencing positive results, and we need to learn from them and take those lessons to other cities.

To fund the project, we’re in the process of raising a lean budget of $75,000 through the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform, similar to Kickstarter.

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David Trotter is a documentary filmmaker, speaker, and writer, based in Orange County, California. He is the Executive Producer and Co-host of MOTHER INDIA: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan. He can be contacted here.

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EDITORIAL: Natalie Grant’s new hit “Hurricane” connected with me the moment I first heard it on Tampa Bay’s ‘The Joy FM‘. I felt like God found me in the hurricane that my life had become while battling the Los Angeles porn industry over the past 5 years. While it would’ve been much easier to keep quiet, blend in and go on with our lives in private, it has been worth all the turmoil that naturally comes when you stand up for what is right. We know lives have been changed. That’s all that really matters!

I stood out on the edge and I took a leap of faith that God would protect not only myself, but my family and those who stand beside me in this battle of good over evil. He did find me in the hurricane that my life had become. I found out then, he had really been there the whole time!

Natalie, thank you for your role as a protector of children. Thank you for your music which delivers God’s messages in ways that everyone can hear and understand. God led me to Christian music so I could hold close His hope and joy while I fight sheer evil everyday. I truly believe your music comes straight from the voices of angels.

God’s messages are very clear in everything we see and hear. We only have to open our eyes and ears and we will truly see and hear Him.

Stop the Traffik: ‘Prostitute’ Flash Mob in Hard-Hitting Campaign Against the Sale of Human Beings

Passers-by in Amsterdam’s red light district were stunned as six ‘sex workers’ started dancing before revealing their powerful message

A flash mob of ‘prostitutes’ stunned passers-by in Amsterdam’s red light district with a hard-hitting campaign against human trafficking.

In a video, which has gone viral on YouTube, six ‘sex workers’ strut their stuff in the windows of brothels by the famous canals as tourists wander past.

Suddenly, dubstep music starts blaring and the women burst into an impromptu, but perfectly choreographed, dance routine.

As bystanders cheer and join in with the moves, they are hit with a powerful message, which is projected onto the wall above.

It reads: “Every year, thousands of women are promised a dance career in Western Europe.

“Sadly, they end up here. Stop the traffik. People shouldn’t be bought and sold.”


The advertising campaign was created by Duval Guillaume for Stop The Traffik, a global movement aimed at putting an end to human trafficking.

Stop The Traffik now has “more than 1,000 member organisations in 50 countries and tens of thousands of activists all over the world”.

According to police members surveyed by the movement, one of the shortcomings in the fight against human trafficking for sexual exploitation “is community awareness, action and information.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month and has already had nearly 800,000 hits.

It is captioned with a hard-hitting message which reads: “So you think you will dance?

“Sometimes things are not what they seem. Men, women and children are trafficked – tricked, forced and exploited in the sex industry.”

The clip has also prompted a strong reaction from viewers.

One YouTube user wrote: “If it is not good for your daughter, your girlfriend, your sister, then it is NOT good for anyone.”

Another added: “It’s all about freedom. Women must be allowed to choose what they want to do.

“That applies to trafficked women who have the right not to do this work. Plus normal women who have the right to do it if they wish.”

MY SURVIVOR STORY: On ‘Tampa Bay Right Now’ – “Sex Trafficked Inside the Los Angeles Porn Industry”

EDITORIAL: I always tell journalists and news media I will gladly stand before the World and tell my story so that others may be saved from the pain and turmoil my family has suffered at the hands of the Los Angeles Adult Entertainment industry.

Part 2 is the short version of my survivors story. Please share this information. It may be your daughter, sister, aunt or mother whose life is saved because you did!

God Bless WTTA for bringing awareness to this important issue!!

THE DEMAND: Annie Lobert Talks Candidly About the Unglamorous Truths of Prostitution in America, “When You Leave a Pimp, You Leave with NOTHING”!!

Published on Oct 1, 2012 by

I am Second® –

“When you leave a pimp, you leave with nothing…”

Annie Lobert worked for 16 years in the sex industry, battled cancer and got into drugs. But when she called out to Jesus from death’s door, she found her Savior and the vision to comfort thousands of other victims of sex trade. She shares how she became “a virgin in Christ” in a new video on in black and seated on a white couch, the 44-year-old founder of Hookers For Jesus appears in the nearly 14-minute video on the website that features the testimonies of personal struggle and transformation of celebrities and everyday people. She recalls she felt “I’ll never ever be clean.”

She had seen hardships since she was a girl. Raised in an abusive family, she turned to boys at school to find some self-worth. “I met this boy in school that stole my heart. He told me that if I slept with him that we’d get married… And when I found out that he was sleeping with several of my best girlfriends, it was such a shock to me,” she says, as she narrates her story with emotions.

After graduation, Lobert moved away from home to Minneapolis. She was 18. “I had to work three jobs to have my own place and buy a car.” She thought if she had nice clothes and went to the clubs, “maybe I could meet a rich guy that would sweep me off my feet and would take care of me like a prince would.” She thought money was the answer to the “deep seated, rooted unforgiveness towards my dad, towards that boy in school. I just wanted revenge.”

The lure of money pulled her into prostitution. During a vacation from her jobs, one night “I actually sold myself with my girlfriend to some Japanese clients and I became a prostitute.” She wasn’t happy with $3.47 an hour any longer “once I found out that I could make hundreds if not thousands of dollars, selling myself. $500 per hour with no attachment, no relationship, $1000 per hour, now it was $2000 per hour, it gave me this immense power and if you wanted me for the night it was $10,000.”

One day, Lobert met a man at a club where she was a dancer. He claimed he was falling in love with her, and she thought she had found her prince. He took her to Las Vegas, where she learned he was actually a pimp. “He choked me. He threw me on the porch on my knees and he started kicking me. ‘This is pimping ‘B.’ I am just choking on my own blood. ‘You’re going to work for me.’ He’s punching me in my face. ‘I do not know what you thought what time it is, but what time it is now you’re going to pay me.’ My nose broke, my ribs broke. It was like I was looking at the devil. The prince turned dark. ‘And if you try to leave, I’ll kill you.’”

Lobert could get away from him after five long years, but “when you leave a pimp you leave with nothing.” “I started stacking my money again, but the money was not the same. I came down with cancer [Hodgkin’s Lymphoma]. And a couple years later lost all my hair. Had chemotherapy… And I got addicted to painkillers, and that led into cocaine. I was going on bald, with wigs, because I had lost all my hair from chemotherapy.”

Once when she had an overdose of coke, she realized she needed a savior. “I went completely blind. It’s like the whole room, the light that was on in that room turned dark. And I remember lying there and I felt like this demonic presence just come over me… I knew it was over. And I saw my family, I saw my funeral, and I was in the coffin. And everybody was crying. They were wiping their faces, and they were saying, ‘She was just a prostitute.’”

That’s when she cried out, “Jesus, please save me. I do not know if you are real, but I don’t want to die.” The ambulance arrived, and the doctor told her if God was not with her she would have died with so much drugs in her system. “And I knew that Jesus heard my prayer. And I laid there and I had this peace come over me, that was nothing like I had ever felt in my entire life. I knew God gave me a second chance.”

Lobert got better and started reading the Bible. Initially, she thought she shouldn’t go to church, as “I am an ex-prostitute.” But when she did, Christians embraced her. “And God just really started doing that inner healing and the Holy Spirit was like speaking to me. Telling me that, ‘I was beautiful, and that I was chosen and that I was set apart, that I was sanctified and I was a holy vessel for Him… I am a virgin in Him.’”

Soon, she heard God saying to her, “Annie, I want you to go back down to that strip. And I want you to tell the girls that are in slavery that I love them.” So she went down to the strip and told the girls, “God loves you. No matter where you’ve been, no matter what you’ve done, no matter how deep, how dirty you feel, there is redemption.”

Lobert founded Hooker For Jesus in January 2005 to address the realities of human sex trafficking, sexual violence, and exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry. In June 2009, she got married to guitarist Oz Fox of the heavy metal Christian band Stryper.

Lobert concluded her story in just three lines. “Little girl lost, thought no one loved her, thought no one wanted her, ran away from her castle. But God met her on that dark road. He said, ‘You can come home now. I am right here and I never left you.’”


GRAPHIC: Hardcore Documentary Shows Grooming Process of Bringing in and Breaking Down New Meat, Term Porn Valley Uses for New Girls Brought There

Hardcore Documentary
Jason Presley

This is a video documentary of a single mother from England named Felicity. She was discovered by an “agent” and brought to California to become an adult film actress. Throughout the course of the video we are introduced to the pushy and degrading side of the porn, aka “adult film”, industry.

This documentary contains very graphic and disturbing adult based themes and extremely strong language. I have tried to block out the nudity without losing some of the facial expressions that tell much of the story. There is also an audio version available at the link below. Please take this warning into strong consideration before watching this video.

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