OPRAH: Promoter of Sex Slavery and Sadism/Masochism, Psychiatric Sexual Mental Disorders of Sex/Porn Addicts, Not Desired Sexually Healthy Partners

EDITORIAL: They may have all the money, but they fail in gathering the currency of Humanity! Where do you stand??

Yes, folks, what Oprah and the media have been and continue pimping to you and your children is the idea that BDSM psychiatric mental disorders are a great way to enhance your sexuality EVEN THOUGH ALL of their BDSM practices are illegal in SEVERAL COUNTRIES, INCLUDING AMERICA, and SIGNED BY TREATY THROUGH THE UNITED NATIONS.

Makes sense why they have several porn industry slaves going to college for psychology. They are working to put out bogus research such as the recent piece by criminal and prostitute, Sharon Mitchell, saying pornstars are healthy and full of self esteem. They WILL use their insider fake research in our corrupt judicial systems so they can not only legalize rape, torture, incest and child porn but so they can get these sex disorders off the books. They want you all to believe it’s perfectly normal to stick your penis in anything and everything and abuse anyone you like while doing it! That is their goal, folks, I heard it many times in Porn Valley!!

The VERY fact that OPRAH is pimping BDSM torture and sex slavery of girls and women tells you ALL how DIRE our World’s situation truly is RIGHT NOW. On Capitol Hill and all over in the media, you will see outrage and calls for action against our trained soldiers being tortured. Human and civil rights activists PROTEST FOR, PROTECT AND LEGALLY REPRESENT TERRORISTS who are tortured trying save our lives but WHERE ARE THEY NOW for OUR CITIZENS, the CHILDREN, GIRLS AND WOMEN who are being sex trafficked, pimped, tortured, raped and abused in AMERICA everyday like pieces of meat and merchandise instead of human beings?? Why is it NOT OKAY TO TORTURE MEN IN WAR AND TERRORISTS WHO THREATEN OUR LIVES but it’s OKAY AND CALLED SEXUAL EXPLORATION to torture, rape and pimp children, girls and women in AMERICA??

Understand, I completely detest any of the barbaric behaviors of mankind which we see everywhere these days so I’m not for torturing anyone, including our soldiers or our enemies. My point is to show the hypocrisy of what is happening because they ARE pimping ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and now Oprah goes straight to BDSM to legalize the rape and torture of children, girls and women and we watch in sheer horror while MOMS ARE BUYING IT UP AND ACTUALLY HELPING TO PIMP IT TO THEIR CHILDREN, THEIR OWN SONS AND DAUGHTERS!! Our country has totally lost their minds to buy into this nightmare Oprah and the rest of the elite satanic new world order are brainwashing everyone with. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!!!

Oprah just took on Queen Domme BDSM role to mandate all females open up to this violence and abuse as the new “norm”. You may think it’s entertainment and news but it’s really the mind control order they’re mandating. They don’t allow any ‘anti’ comments through so our MEDIA IS CENSORING the public opinion to make it look like EVERYONE’S on board when obviously, there’s many who aren’t!!

Why would Oprah pimp such dangerous mental disorders and sexual deviancy as great entertainment and healthy sexual activity?? Because she has sold her soul and now she’s one of THEM. Maybe it was too many years hearing other people’s problems that drove her to it or maybe pressure from Hollywood but today, she could care less what really happens to us. It’s obvious in all of her programming.

They ALL know we have an epidemic of sex and porn addicts who will become increasingly sexually violent as their disease progresses so this is apparently their answer to deal with the problem. Pimp BDSM so OUR daughters can become the addicts ‘WILLING’ victims. THEIR daughters will become DOMMES of the American white males who are the twisted bastards who love BDSM and other sexual depravities. Think politician, attorney, wall street exec, media exec and hollywood producer. They either like to be beat or they like to beat girls. They wear diapers, they have all kinds of really sick, twisted sexual habits now. I’ve witnessed so many dark and evil sexual depravities and heard even more from 1000’s of addicts themselves while in Porn Valley, I’ll probably never have sex again. I’m not sure there are many men left out there who aren’t lost in sex and porn addiction. That’s who they’re trying to feed by pimping moms and daughters into BDSM (you don’t EVEN want to know what they want to do to moms and their daughters TOGETHER). It is THEIR ADDICTIONS they are feeding by pimping you all into BDSM and they took control of all your men through porn addiction so there’s no one left to help protect YOU!!

Now that you got an idea of the why, do you understand what they want from all of us? Oprah will take you all down and if you didn’t believe it before, BELIEVE IT NOW. Her Lifeclass series is one more example of a type of mind control with subliminal messages which is very prevalent in all forms of media and entertainment today. She’s the richest woman in the World and we’re just those whining, problematic peasants she’s sick of hearing from, so hey, why not make us all slaves? There’s already 2.5 million and counting right here in AMERICA TODAY!!

It’s time for Oprah to feed Satan’s Army for all the fame and fortune he has bestowed on her. Will you or YOUR CHILDREN be their next meal or will you fight back NOW?? Will you save THE CHILDREN NOW!!



Published on Jan 31, 2013

http://pornharms.com/mim/oprahs-network-supporting-bdsm-lifestyle/ – Now even Oprah has bought into the the lie made popular by book 50 Shades of Grey that torture, pain and violence are healthy sexual outlets. Morality in Media is calling for a nationwide protest of Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network citing the reckless glorification of sexual violence and torture depicted on the network. The Season Premier of Lisa Ling’s Our America on OWN called SHADES OF KINK, January 29, portrayed the graphic depiction of “BDSM” sex (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism) in an hour-long television show, replete with whips, chains, handcuffs, and assorted tools of sexual torture.

What is BDSM and Sadomasochism?
Torture. Violence. Pain. Slavery. The most popular BDSM porn site explains, “Girls are also pulled in and out of cages, their tongues clamped, their bodies pinned, and their arms and legs strapped.” The company also claims to employ “contraptions used in countries such as China for torture” as well as machines, water, metal, wood, electrodes, hooks, needles, and urination, all for the sexual persecution of women and “young teenage girls.”


Contact Oprah’s network executives and partners here: http://bit.ly/VvL5Lm

Comment on http://www.Oprah.com at the bottom of the page. So far they aren’t allowing any of our anti-BDSM comments to go through, but we know they’re reading them!

PRO BDSM Facebook post by Lisa Ling on her Facebook Page: “Why Kink?” http://on.fb.me/U2NEaS

OWN Facebook Page post on the BDSM show (Per the post, the show “might make you giggle.” It shouldn’t, as there is nothing amusing about sadomasochism!) : http://on.fb.me/U2Ntw2

Lisa Ling Twitter: https://twitter.com/lisaling/

OWN TV Twitter: https://twitter.com/OWNTV

Women want to be loved, adored, and cherished, not whipped, dominated, and humiliated,” said Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of Morality in Media. “Oprah and her OWN cable network seem desperate to bootstrap their flagging ratings to the tawdry and titillating world of sadomasochism portrayed in the bestseller, 50 Shades of Grey,” she added. “This is purely trash TV and worse, it is entertainment likely to foster domestic abuse, primarily of women. I would have thought Oprah should lead the charge against such exploitation,” Hawkins said.

At one time the promise of the OWN network was to empower women to live their best life, with inspiring stories of hope, courage and self-esteem. Lisa Ling’s Our America was not even in that ballpark. “A responsible journalist would have at least mentioned that sadomasochism has long been recognized as a mental disorder in the American Psychological Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,” Hawkins noted. “Sexual abuse of this nature is at the heart of the criminal acts of rape and sexual assault,” she added.

So much of the pornography today is filled with sexual violence and humiliation of women, so it is not surprising that BDSM activities would find an audience. However, Morality in Media believes all women, children, and men have a natural human dignity, and that programming of this sort is inherently dehumanizing, corrupts healthy relationships, and grossly distorts a proper view of human sexuality.

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This documentary contains very graphic and disturbing adult based themes and extremely strong language. I have tried to block out the nudity without losing some of the facial expressions that tell much of the story. There is also an audio version available at the link below. Please take this warning into strong consideration before watching this video.

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