Former Scientologist Mike Rinder: Concentrated Effort by Scientology to Engage Islam Nation!

Excerpts taken from Leah Remini ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’, where Mike Rinder discusses Scientology and Muslims, Fair Game and the psychological warfare Scientologists wage against their own members.

Their story is very similar to what many citizens have experienced over the past 8 years at the hands of Barack Obama, the Democrats, liberals and feminists. Let’s take a moment ponder the possible links between the two.

Then ask yourself, who taught who to use Fair Game psychological warfare against our citizens and has a partnership regime between Scientology and Muslims been running America the past 8 years. The coincidences are too many to not at least take a look at this new information!

About Diana fka Desi Foxx

Blogger/Writer/Activist; Small Business Systems Consultant; Undergraduate in Computer Related Crime Investigations.

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