GERALDO RIVERA: It Affects the Angry and the Powerful – Exposing Satan’s Underground


Geraldo Rivera’s infamous NBC News Special during the satanic explosion of the 1980’s, exposing the occult and satanic rituals.

EDITORIAL: Isn’t that around the same time the internet took off and pornography began the process of possessing the World”s souls??

Porn Valley, Hollywood and the music industry are full of Satanists. We also have to wonder how many of them are in our government protecting these industries who are pimping EVIL and who accepts their money made from the violation of our humanity and our youth’s innocence.Satanism recruits many middle and upper class teens who are rebelling against authority and end up in satanic cults where sexual abuse and violence against the good and innocent are celebrated and mandatory. Sound like what happened in Aurora, the nicest city in America, when a young white male walked into their movie theater and gunned down families and children? Sound like Sandy Hook Elementary School where 22 innocent children and wonderful teachers were gunned down by an angry young white male? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE SCHOOL AND COLLEGE SPREE AND MASS SHOOTINGS WERE YOUNG WHITE MALES FROM MIDDLE CLASS HOMES.

Your children’s music, television, internet usage and video games are ALL FULL OF SATANIC SYMBOLOGY. This is what they are ALL recruiting your children to. This is what’s growing the violence in America and all around the World! As said in this documentary, “It doesn’t matter if or what YOU believe about Satan. What matters is THEY DO believe and THEY will DO ANYTHING to further their worship of this EVIL!

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