DR. DREW: How is Porn Affecting Our Kids? Adult Products in the Hands of Children is NEVER Good!!

EDITORIAL: It’s always easiest to put all the responsibility on parents but no one can give a good reason why we can’t put adult products back in the hands of adults only. It’s not called censorship to keep cigarettes and alcohol from minors. We need to put porn back in the adult ONLY section of the internet and let adults opt in if they want to play there!


By Dr. Drew staff
updated 10:59 PM EST, Tue January 08, 2013


    • Technology is making it easier for children to access porn
    • How will this effect their relationships later in life?

Porn is now easily accessible to kids everywhere with the use of today’s technology … but are parents keeping up with what their kids are being exposed to?

“Our parents and all the generations before us have never had this so accessible. and because me and all of my friends do, we don’t really have anyone to kind of show us what to do,” teen Winnifred Bonjean Alpart, star of “Sexy Baby”, told HLN’s Dr. Drew Tuesday night.

Hear the full discussion in the video player above.

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