EDITORIAL: Truthloader LIVE on Iceland’s Porn Ban! Providing a Choice IS NOT Censorship, NOT Providing a Choice IS!

EDITORIAL: The Pro-Porn speakers just keep spewing the same bogus statistics and solutions to the problem of porn addiction and the increasing sexual violence against women and children. Facts don’t support any of their arguments because their stats are produced by the pedophiles, sexual predators and torturers who want to legalize rape, torture, incest and child sex. Check out the Video below. As you can see, it stirred me up!!

Here’s a few comments I have regarding the panel’s discussion:

1. ALL violent porn should be banned. ANYONE who wants violent porn is for promoting a violent society. You can’t have it both ways. Promoting and glamorizing violence will normalize and increase it. Giving access to children will produce lifetime violent criminals. We’ve all heard several serial rapists and murderer’s own testimonies confirm this fact. There’s no such thing as a healthy violent sexual fantasy and there’s no such thing as being healthy and letting people beat and torture you. America’s porn industry is the ONLY legal industry that is ALLOWED to abuse and torture their workers and employees. I mean, they are now trying to normalize the cannibalizing of women and children.

That’s their satanism coming out and it’s sheer evil. Sex and satanic cults do believe they get power from sexually abusing and eating people. But notice it’s always the children and women. They don’t fantasize about eating men because it’s their violence and hatred against women that really drives their fantasy until it changes to reality!!

I’m not talking adults playing with furry handcuffs. I’m talking violence and abuse portrayed in porn. There’s also a huge difference between adults who, after some years of sexual experience, experiment with domination/submission and other sexual fantasies and fetishes, as long as they don’t escalate and include violence and abuse. But kids aren’t growing into this in their 30s and 40s like we did. They think triple penetration in group sex is a normal sexual relationship  BY THE AGE OF 16. Now media is pimping violence through 50 Shades of Grey. That equates to teen violence in dating AND children raping children when a child or teen sees it being promoted as healthy sex.

Violence is violence and it’s amazing to me that in 2013, we are having a hard time deciding whether we should include and allow violence against women in our society’s makeup. I thought violence against women went out with the caveman. Thought it was definitely gone when the Wild, Wild West was tamed. Or absolutely when Slavery was Abolished. What about the 60s?? Thought the last was stamped out then. Maybe we haven’t evolved so much after all and if so, we’re headed back to the stone age. You know what happened that time!!

2. Rape stats are NOT down. They are misrepresented in several ways. Police and prosecutors won’t file charges and fight for victims in court. They aren’t reported because the victim’s past and present sexuality is used against them EVERY TIME in court even though it shouldn’t matter!! Send one sext or purchase 50 Shades of Grey and a girl can’t win in acquaintance or date rape cases. Children don’t report for fear and lack of understanding. Many victims are drugged so have no real memory to report. Our society’s newest thing has been to brainwash people into thinking being a victim is weak so they won’t report. There are many, many reasons why sexual crime stats are being reported incorrectly and most of them are because there’s corruption in high places and these elitist criminals want to shame their victims into silence and compliance!

3. Parents CANNOT filter the world unless they lock kids in their homes. I swear, I want to smack someone every time they say that! Our government and corporations can’t seem to filter so just stop lying about it being an option. It’s fast becoming the BIGGEST LIE of the century!!

I think locking up your families is what it ‘s coming to sooner than later. Home school your children, take them ALL out of the system until the system makes a place that’s safe for them. Many libraries provide porn so kids can’t go there unless you sit next to them while online. Kids can’t go to friends homes unless all families in the group agree to filter and supervise. The list is endless and like trying to empty the ocean with a tablespoon.

ANYONE who doesn’t want to keep online porn from children is agreeing to corrupt, damage and steal the innocence of ALL CHILDREN. WHERE IS THE CHOICE TO OPT IN OR OPT OUT?? ANYONE who won’t agree to giving an OPTION to either OPT IN OR OPT OUT, wants to enslave and sexualize YOUR CHILDREN!!

There should be no rational adult who doesn’t agree there needs to be a switch either the governments or the parents can flip that shuts porn off to their computers. No filter out there does that. It takes the internet providers to PROVIDE. PEOPLE WANT CHOICE and if The People AREN’T given a CHOICE, It means THEY are AGAINST OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE a different lifestyle than theirs. It means THEY are FORCING THEIR SICK, PERVERTED LIFESTYLES ON US AND OUR FAMILIES. They have taken away our RIGHT TO CHOOSE. I believe that’s against ALL of our Constitutional and God given rights and I wholeheartedly believe the majority WANTS  the CHOICE to opt in or opt out!!

The video is a great debate though pro-porn activists are much more pushy so get more face time every time. The reality is the majority of people WANT a choice. The reality is our AMERICAN government is full of pedophiles, sexual predators and torturers who don’t want to GIVE US A CHOICE because they want to ENSLAVE US ALL!!

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. There’s a reason that saying stuck around. If you want to provide erotic porn, NO VIOLENCE ALLOWED, put it in an adult only arena and let adults opt in or let those who don’t want porn to be able push one button and turn it all off. Providing a choice IS NOT censorship, NOT providing a choice IS!!

KNOW WHY they don’t want you to have a choice??



Streamed live on Feb 28, 2013

Iceland is considering banning online pornography, BUT is such a thing even possible? Porn is clearly something which many governments and people would like to see controlled to protect younger viewers, but how can it be done? And if it can be done, should we be worried?

Our panel:

– Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group http://www.openrightsgroup.org/
– Gail Dines, anti-porn campaigner and professor of women’s studies Wheelock College http://gaildines.com/
– Petra Joy, feminist porn director http://www.petrajoy.com
– Jerry Barnett, former chair of the Adult Industry Trade Association (AITA) and sexual freedom campaigner https://twitter.com/jerrybarnett
– Gary Wilson, anatomy and physiology teacher and host of the website, “Your Brain on Porn” http://yourbrainonporn.com/

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