HISTORY CHANNEL: America’s Book of Secrets: Serial Killers – America, the World’s Top Producer of Killers

EDITORIAL: Last year, we watched as President Obama called for more studies on the correlation between violent pornography, video games and entertainment and mass shootings and statistics show us America has a tendency to create more mass murderers and serial rapists and killers than any other country in the World.

The fact that America creates most of the violent and hyper-sexualized content in question in our societies today, directly supports the multitude of research that proves violent content, however it’s presented, will alter a person’s personality and behavior, in a negative manner, more times than not.

An overwhelming mountain of evidence is there but even more compelling is the firsthand experiences of those harmed by these damaging products and services pimped to our societies as innocent entertainment.

It’s not innocent entertainment. It’s your child’s future!!

CLICK HERE to view more episodes of ‘America’s Book of Secrets’ on The History Channel


About Diana fka Desi Foxx

Blogger/Writer/Activist; Small Business Systems Consultant; Undergraduate in Computer Related Crime Investigations.

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