MOVIE: “10 Seconds” Released – Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking is a Horrendous Crime against Children’s Innocence

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It Could Be Anyone!
“10 Seconds” Released Today
Graphic_PornographyAndTrafficking 2
Graphic_10Seconds_TrailerTwo weeks ago I attended an event at George Washington University. Two American victims of sex trafficking shared their stories. One of the girls, who was trafficked at 14, told of her first experience being sold for sex. An older man came into the room and said “You remind me of my granddaughter.” And then he raped her. I was stunned. We often try to help people understand the worth of these individuals by saying “This could be your daughter, sister, mother!” That didn’t mean anything to him though. His addiction was so strong that that didn’t even matter. She said he looked like just a nice, normal, clean-cut older man you’d talk to in the grocery store. 

The other woman who spoke was trafficked from age 12-18. Clearly she was underage and yet no one offered help (not even the police who arrested her over and over again). She told me that many times during these years, the forced sex acts were filmed and photographed. What do you think was done with that pornography? One who is regularly viewing Internet porn is probably seeing images like those taken of her – they’re “getting off” on images of trafficked women.

I’ve been thinking about how we can help people understand what is REALLY happening in America to our young daughters. Then, just this week I saw the new film “10 Seconds.” It captures the progressive nature of pornography and sex addiction, the torment that the addict goes through and the affect on the family in a very realistic way. It also captures the realities of sex trafficking in America and how these two things converge and feed off of each other.  The film is released to the public today. I encourage you to download a copy of this to see for yourself and to share with those around you. You can see a trailer and download it here.

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